Samsung Galaxy S Accessories

A list of all accessories that I feel are required for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and my recommendations for each.
The direct links to Amazon for these accessories are found below.

All accessories are compatible with all S3 Versions (Carrier Locked and International)

For the full written review, check out

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Links to AMAZON (Links to Flipkart below)


Official Flip Cover:
Amzer Hybrid Case:

Bluetooth Headset

Jaybird JF3 Freedom:
Jabra BT3030/Street 2:
Mono – Samsung HM1700:

Screen Protector

Skinomi Full Body:
Elago Privacy:
eForCity 2:

32gb Class 10 Samsung/Sandisk/Lexar:
64gb SHXC Sandisk:

Hyperion 2200mah x2 + Charger :
Hyperion 2200mah(NFC Capable) x2 + Charger:
Hyperion 4200mah(NFC Capable) x2 + Back Cover:

Samsung Official MHL Cable :
MHL Cable adapter:
MHL Cable (will work using adapter):
(EDIT: Actually available from )
Spider Stand:

USB OTG Cable:

If from India… Links to Flipkart (List being updated)

Official Flip Cover:
Amzer Hybrid Case:

Jabra BT30303:

Micro SD
Samsung 32gb class 10 (best option for India):
Sandisk 64gb Micro SD:
Contact Info:

Twitter: @C4ETech (

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions


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