Samsung 64GB Micro SD Pro Card

Proof that the Samsung Galaxy BEAM projector Smartphone also takes 64GB micro sd storage cards. Samsung states that only 32 GB are possible, but thats not true. Video includes a detailed description and usage of the card.

The card I bought is a fast microSDXC Class 10 64 GB Card with 70MBs read and 20 MBs write speed. I bought it in a shop (so not online) but you can also buy it online. See here:

I also mentioned a Sandisk 64 GB Card with read 80 and write 50 speed which is the SanDisk Extreme PLUS microSDHC/microSDXC UHS-I Card: (Click on “Where to Buy” to find nearby stores)

There is another one from San Disk which is a bit cheaper and its a older version. Its the San Disk Ultra 64 GB micro SDXC. But it has only read 30 and write 30. See: (click on where to buy)

According to SanDisk the Beam can also take a 128GB card!






22 thoughts on “Samsung 64GB Micro SD Pro Card

  1. This video will prove u that a 64 GB micro sd card works on the Galaxy
    Beam, and I tell u why u should get it ;)

  2. I already installed jelly bean but my Samsung beam keep leggings do you
    have any ways to solve it..?

  3. Merhaba 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The reason that samsung has said galaxy beam supports micro sd cards up to
    32 gb, is that after 32 gb the phone starts to slow down.

    When i was buying mine, because of this reason i bought a 32 gb one. (And
    it was %50 cheaper too)
    I have been using my phone since nearly 7 months and I have lots of videos
    and music and I still have 6 gb left….

  4. Can i just move all the app and data saved on the 32gb to NEW 64 gb with
    copy paste or it doesnt work like that?

  5. Very useful, hopefully now I’ll be able to get my full music library onto
    my phone. I’ve a birthday coming up, so I’ll have to start dropping some
    hints for my present – a 64 GB card. Watch out for Amazon sellers with fake
    cards. Always check the reviews before you buy. This seller seems to be the
    best price for genuine cards.

  6. hi! I encountered a problem with my 16GB samsung micro sd card on my galaxy
    beam. The essence of the problem is that when i download a relatively large
    torrent the utorrent app states an error and it is different everytime:
    hash error -error:I/O error(WriteToDisk) or (Hash), read-and-write error
    and some others i cannot remember. Do you have any adea what is the cause
    of the problem and eventually how can it be solved?

  7. I recently have encountered a problem with my galaxy beam where no audio is
    coming from the phone. The silent mode is off, volume on max. I hear
    nothing during calls. I tried soundabout because I believed that my
    earphones(which r from samsung) were the cause but nothing happened. I dont
    know what else to do…..please help.

  8. it depend on what kind of format it been used. if you used ex-fat it will
    show as 59.47gb. even it not meet 64 gb. it normal to lost some space.
    because ti been use as paging file. that why it will eat some of space.
    more larger storage it more larger paging file been use. it not just only
    happen in micro sd. all kind storage will be like that. like HDD, SSD. But
    not for cd, dvd

  9. Have u ever heard about or maybe this has happened to you.. I bought a
    scandisk sd card 32gb and i had a whole bunch of movies and also some of my
    songs… One day I left my phone charging and when I started using it I
    noticed my music and movies were gone I went on settings to check for the
    card and my phone wouldn’t read. I tryed the sd card on my co-workers phone
    and his wouldn’t read it either.. I have a galaxy note 3 

  10. allabouthegalaxybeam
    hello have a look at the new 4.1 upgrade samsung galaxy beam as updated
    your phone you say I hope your answer brother

  11. Is this micro sd a good one for a Samsung Mega phone…. SanDisk Ultra 64
    GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card 30MB/s with Adapter

  12. I have the 64GB as card (frm the video). When I attempt to move files i.e.
    videos frm my Ph.. Mx player n default video player says the file cannot be
    read… Plz help

  13. I have the 64GB as card (frm the video). When I attempt to move files i.e.
    videos frm my Ph.. Mx player n default video player says the file cannot be
    read… Plz help

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