Samsung 32GB Micro SD

FAKE 32gb microsd CARD!!!
I bought this from ALIEXPRESS SELLER:
Shenzhen hualian international trade co., LTD China (Mainland)

After 1 week I wanted to see what my DVR was recording.
I check the card and ALL VIDEO CORRUPTED.
I checked the card before with normal benchmark and thot it was ok.
I check again the card with H2testw and I see that 22.3 GByte corrupted:

I had a good experience before with different sellers on Aliexpress.
Not all of the are BAD.

Be careful when you buy to test your product THEN Confirm Order.
You have 30 days to check.

DO NOT Think to accept immediately after you received the product like I did.

Use H2testw to determine how much space is usable.
In my case was 7.6 Gbyte OK.
Create partition with Windows Disk Management lower than usable capacity.
I created 7.4 Gbyte.
Leave all the rest unpartitioned.
NEVER format card with other device.
It will vork ok.

4 thoughts on “Samsung 32GB Micro SD

  1. I had the same problem, but tested the card and made a complaint BEFORE
    confirming the order. Then I opened a dispute, escalated the dispute and
    got a full refund. Aliexpress were very correct to me.

  2. I was not that smart. I was so happy that I got the card so cheap…. that
    I confirmed the order. NOW I KNOW. Posted this video so it does not happen
    to others. Seller is still selling these fake cards. Even dropped the price
    and added USB card reader. to make offer much more attractive. As I said…
    not all are cheaters. I found also good, honest sellers. Found is best to
    have contact before purchasing.

  3. Thank you! Was about to buy exact this one from ebay for 12.90$
    Will buy Toshiba 16gb instead.

  4. lately I got few messages that recommended other websites for buying SD
    cards or USB. As I stated before:
    I will buy from local store or online but from well known online store in
    my country. So at least I can go and shout at someone.

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