Galaxy S3 Micro SD

We show you how to insert and install it, mount/unmount it and also format the Micro SD Card itself

Just a quick video how to install a Micro SD Card on a Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone and also how to format it so the phone can recognize the media once the Micro SD Card is in the Micro SD Card slot.

Not everyone knows how to do this, so this if for people who are new to smartphones and especially the Samsung Galaxy S3, SIII i9300 smartphone

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25 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 Micro SD

  1. After I press mount the sd card an icon comes on the top of the screen that
    says “blank sd card” and it says that is has blank or unsupported files.

  2. +Inam Ghafoor Will this work for SGH-T999L (TMobile) I assume so but I will
    be using 64gb Do I need to format it to exfat32? Thanks Icon

  3. Thanks, very helpful. My samsung SIII continues to tell me……Storage
    space running out….. Even after installing a new 8 GB sd card….. What
    to do…

  4. Thank you for posting this, it was very helpful and I was able to insert my
    card thank you so much. 

  5. on the samsung tab 3 i put the sd card in and mounted it and then it said
    ‘SD card is blank or has unsupported file system.’ and that is all i can do
    when i click the nofication it just says format so i do but the same thing
    repeats again. i cant use the sd card at all and i do not a usb adapter.

  6. I am replacing a 2GB microSD card in my S3 with a 16GB microSD card. Is
    there any trick to copying the files from one to the other? I have copied
    them from the 2GB card to my PC but I can’t open them on my PC? Says format
    not supported.

  7. It’s weird because I have used the same sd card for a year and a half on my
    s3 and always worked it has videos, photos, etc. and all of a sudden it
    won’t read it . I followed these steps and still nothing. Please help 

  8. Thank you. I did what you said to do. However, it still says that storage
    space is running out. Silly question….how do I now transfer pictures and
    videos to the SD card?! I’d ask my teenager son but he’s not here now!

  9. I’ve done all this and I still can’t get rid of some song that are stuck in
    my SD card.

  10. Hi I am replacing a 2GB micro SD in my s3 but it didn’t work, what’s the
    matter? ?

  11. What is the best way to transfer files from a smaller SD card full of
    pictures that you have just replaced by installing a new larger capacity SD
    card in the S4?

  12. Well there goes my neck! Please hold the phone straight next time. But
    thank you, this was helpful.

  13. i bought a 16gb sd card for my s3 mini but if i download anything it gets
    stored in my internal storage what do i have to do to make it automatically
    saved in my sd card
    can anyone help me plzz

  14. How do I store all my pics and contacts onto the card now that it is
    installed and formatted?

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