Samsung S4 MicroSD

In this clip I’m going to show you how to install, format and then use the microSD card on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

You don’t even have to turn OFF the S4, but you do have to remove the back cover and then insert the microSD card and push it in place.

Then, you need to flip over the phone, go to Settings/Storage, External Storage Card and mount the microSD card. From now on you can use it and access it and all the files on it with any Android File browser.

This clip is posted by GagdetJM on Youtube ( ) and can be found here:

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25 thoughts on “Samsung S4 MicroSD

  1. i have places a pdf file in my sd mini and cant find it on the phone can
    you help me find a way to make the phone read this pdf file out loud or at
    all? im using a g3 i think

  2. mine is not registering the sim card help please? it is not the tiny micro
    sim but the bigger one but not the full size sim.

  3. I want to watch a video I have on an sd card,but all it says is unable to
    find application to perform this action. Help please!

  4. I didn’t have to click mount th GS4 automatic ly picked it up and it works
    fine but is it not safe to do that? 

  5. I’m having problems viewing files off my sd card still. Pictures and music
    work but word docs won’t open 

  6. Hi there!!! I would like to know if you can help me out with a little issue
    that I have. Recently I mounted a 64 gb Samsung micro sd on my Samsung
    galaxy S4. And it I restarted to refresh the device. Then I noticed that
    the micro sd got unmounted, now if I want to mount it again it says that I
    will lose any data that is in it. I’ve tried my laptop and its the same can I recover my data from this basically pictures and
    videos. Thanks for your help in advance!!!

  7. I am having trouble deleting files off my sd card. WHen i go to delete
    songs and files it says deleting failed and when i try to do it through my
    computer it says the files are protected. Any suggestions?

  8. I have my SD card installed perfectly but how do i make it so that Spotify
    is installed on the SD card and not the phone Storage? i have tryed
    everything but i cant find a way to install anything on the SD card. if you
    could make a vid explaining how to iunstall and download Applications to
    the SD card would be great! thank you.-

  9. I have a 32gb micro sd in my s4 I transferred it from my s3 I would like to
    free up memory on both my sd card and phone. I have tried deleting files
    from my files on the phone and a message deleting failed shows. I also
    deleted folders of duplicate photos from my gallery and the storage shows
    that the memory is not freed up when I re-access the gallery the folders
    reappear. I have important files/videos on the sd card and I am afraid to
    unmounts it through fear of losing the files etc.
    please advise

  10. i have my sd card in and i can see all my files on the my files app, but i
    cant open a single thing???????? help!

  11. I have 32 gb card cu’z i bought a sgs4 black edition, but my gs4 doesn’t
    recognise the card. Any help?

  12. can you tell me how to set the default message tones back to the factory
    settings, I have already taken out the sd card and it still is looking for

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