Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone Cases

Case Mate Samsung Galaxy S2 Group Test… in this video I check out a big selection of cases for Samsung’s superb mobile phone. These include the Barely There, Tough, Signature & Pop.

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 Phone Cases

  1. @davomrmac try doing a video comparison between vlingo on the SGS2 and siri
    and see which one is more accurate in terms of picking up your voice and
    the accuracy of text.

  2. Dave, please reply… Are you now using the S2 as your daily driver instead
    of Apple iPhone? & Great video as always 🙂

  3. just got my s2 and i am not sure if to get a sceen protector as some one
    said it as gorilla glass, whats your thoughts on screen protectors

  4. step 1 pause this video at 0:00 step 2 press and hold the left key step3
    press the up key and enjoy playing snake thumbs this up so it stay at the

  5. That’s a lot of cases! 😛 Great video, Dave, all the cases/screen
    protectors were well showcased! 🙂

  6. dave, can you maybe say in future video’s how much these things will cost
    in euro’s, or is that impossible?

  7. @davomrmac Thanks. I went to other videos and they said otherwise but I
    think I’m still gonna get the case.

  8. Do they get good wifi reception through the case?? Because I have a had
    case and I get terrible wifi reception with it.

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