Samsung Galaxy S Phone Cases

This is a review of the Otterbox Commuter case for both the Samsung Galaxy S (Bell Vibrant, in my case) and the iPod touch 4G. The full review can be found on

25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Phone Cases

  1. @aortizc82 Yes, it’s the i9000 but it is sold in Canada by Bell Mobility as
    the Samsung Vibrant. No, not the T-Mobile version but the Vibrant, none the
    less. 🙂

  2. I’m going to use the screen protector because on my vibrant the screen felt
    great at first but after a while the screen doesn’t feel smooth to the
    fingers anymore. Great vid.

  3. @dagrrrrs How do you like the screen protector? Does it fit smooth and
    bubble free? I know with the commuter series, you apply the screen
    protector yourself. Compared to the built on screen protector in the
    Defender series.

  4. @RMphilmacrac I highly doubt it. These are fit very specifically. You’re
    best to go to and check there or ask their support.

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