Samsung Galaxy S Phone Cases

This is a review of the Otterbox Commuter case for both the Samsung Galaxy S (Bell Vibrant, in my case) and the iPod touch 4G. The full review can be found on

25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Phone Cases

  1. The best Galaxy S case I have seen so far 😀 Btw, that’s not a Vibrant…
    its a i9000. The vibrant has 4 tactile buttons.

  2. @aortizc82 Yes, it’s the i9000 but it is sold in Canada by Bell Mobility as
    the Samsung Vibrant. No, not the T-Mobile version but the Vibrant, none the
    less. 🙂

  3. I’m going to use the screen protector because on my vibrant the screen felt
    great at first but after a while the screen doesn’t feel smooth to the
    fingers anymore. Great vid.

  4. @jjackspear6 It’s under “Location and security” in the settings. The option
    is called “Use visible pattern”.

  5. @dagrrrrs How do you like the screen protector? Does it fit smooth and
    bubble free? I know with the commuter series, you apply the screen
    protector yourself. Compared to the built on screen protector in the
    Defender series.

  6. Ive just got one while a go.. its awesome.. but if afraid to put the screen
    protector on .. cuz im so clumsy =D

  7. @RMphilmacrac I highly doubt it. These are fit very specifically. You’re
    best to go to and check there or ask their support.

  8. From Otterbox, but it’s fairly old now and they may not be selling them
    anymore. I would suggest you look on ebay to find one.

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