Samsung Galaxy Cases For Sale

Review of Best Buy Platinum Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I am not able to find a link or the product in stores yet. So here is a link for the seido version on amazon. it costs a little more but its a great case.

Best buy link
Product link from Seido

25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Cases For Sale

  1. I like what you had to say about this case. I found your review accurate
    for the most part. However, I am using a ZAGG smudge proof screen protector
    on my Note 3, and the dimensions are such that the case does not touch it.
    So using both is fine. Just FYI. You may not want to use a ZAGG case if you
    have something you like better, but this case works fine with mine.

  2. I also can’t find this case any where went to Best Buy they don’t have it
    looked on also

  3. One of my other viewers said he didnt have a problem with Zaggs new screen
    protector. I just gave up on them since the screen gets caught on most
    cases. See Jerry’s comment below

  4. Thanks for the reply but all the best buy around my way never heard of this
    case..really wanted it to

  5. I couldn’t find a link on the bestbuy site but this is the part number on
    the receipt SAMSUNG NOTE 3 PT BLACK KICKST 1 SKU 2226006

  6. pretty nice case but Best Buy didnt have any Note 3 cases at all when i
    bought my phone this past Sunday

  7. Okay, I plan on purchasing the note 3 soon and I’d like a secure but not
    ugly or bulky case for it. Seems like this is it. Please tell me if the
    case keeps the phone pretty slim, how secure you feel it keeps your device,
    and what you think about this case vs cases like the flip wallet, S cover,
    or the wallets that can also act as a stand on their own. Thanks very
    informative video. Great job. Mr.B

  8. using a black background for shooting a review on a black object like (in)
    this case may be something to avoid.. some better lighting and camera
    wouldn’t hurt either

  9. The Zagg (case friendly) screen protectors will not lift up or bubble up
    when you put the case on. The screen protector covers the screen only and
    does not cover the bezel area. I have the Zagg HD SP. … Seidio and
    Platinum case are the same thing if you’re wondering. 

  10. you can use zagg shields with case. you just have to know how to position
    the screen and the angle to put case on. i work at best buy and put them on
    all day :-)

  11. Hey I have that the glue melted when my phone was hot from it charging and
    me using it, it almost fuck up my phone

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