Samsung Phone Cases


DIY Starbucks Phone Case

Music by: Lauren Legato “Girly Games”

Chanel Inspired phone case:
(Not currently in stock 2/3/2013)

Hello Kitty Cell Phone case

Pink Aztec Tribal Case

Baby Pink Studded Black Top Pyramid Phone Case

pink peonies phone case

Ranunculus shabby chic

Heart Case – Polka Dot

Chanel Case

Silvery Stud The Prettiest Flower Hard Case

Camera I use to record: Sony NEX3
Editing program: Pinnacle Studio 15

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Phone Cases

  1. I have that exact floral case in three colors.. got all three from eBay for
    less than $7 total (with free shipping.) PLEASE start checking eBay! Also,
    you can buy blanks and then add the extras for even less than Etsy sells.
    Just buy all the decorations off eBay (usually less than $1.00 for most

  2. can you show us how to remove a case off of our phones thats not an

  3. 20 bucks for cases? You could save SO much money…. check ebay or make
    cases all on your own. There are amazingly cute cases for less than 10.00
    so im not sure why you spend so much money on those. 

  4. Can I ask what you’re going to do with all the cases when you get a new
    phone? I’m dealing with this issue right now, and I don’t want to just
    throw away the cases.. “/

  5. Hey so I have a really important question I tried ordering a cell phone
    case off of Etsy and I still haven’t got my package yet I was wondering how
    long your cell phone cases took to arrive at your place?? Did it take a
    while or was yours very fast? Anyone can answer I’m really wondering on
    what happened to my order 

  6. I am getting the s5 and an otterbox case to go on it! My brother and sister
    are going to get the same thing as I am! I am so excited!

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