Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review

Super AMOLED makes it onto the newest line of ‘flagship’ tablets by Samsung. Here is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. See it on Amazon!

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review

    OWNED 7.7 ……..

  2. Yes Josh, TouchWiz is still TouchWiz, Sense is still Sense, stock Android
    is still stock Android. Why does he say this only in Samsung reviews? Haha,
    I can’t imagine they would completely change their skin, but hope they just
    remove the stuff that so few people use. (Or I don’t use rather) like Kids
    Mode, S Voice, and the gestures. OR just give an option to download these
    things rather than having them come preinstalled.

  3. As long as samsung uses touchwizz they will never be as good as other
    android/IO7 devices 

  4. This is damn confusing, you expect the Galaxy Pro 8″ to be the top of the
    range but no, this is, or is it the Note 8″ they make? 

  5. Cameras on tablets should be good enough to take pictures of fine print.
    (For copying paperwork and stuff) Thats all theyre really used for.

  6. Great review as always!!

    The video playback time is really impressive. I wonder how this tablet
    fares on viewing media with lots of white screen, like pdfs and Mangas… I
    heard Amoled screens tend to fare badly on white screens….

  7. Might give this a try, despite Touchwiz or just wait on the new nexus
    tablet (if we get one)

  8. Btw.. is that tablets can only connect wifi..?
    how about mobile networks..?
    can we put sim in it..?

  9. Unfortunately it’s Wi-Fi tablet, isn’t it?
    I prefer not-WiFi-only version tablet one :D

  10. This or an iPad mini? I don’t want to be beholden to an ecosystem, but
    would like to have some productivity capability on the road.

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