Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

Get the Galaxy TabPro 8.4 now! Josh takes a look at the smallest of the new PRO line of tablets from Samsung. This is the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4.

Music by Leandro Pulmones

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

  1. Just get the nexus 7 if you want a safe bet.
    All your power you need + EXTREME SMOOTHNESS
    Stock android + long update time
    Great features like dual stereo speakers
    Beautiful design
    Beautiful natural high res display 7″
    Über comfortable to hold and use
    No lag
    Future proof
    Half the price 

  2. +Android Authority i currently have The galaxy s4 and i like it, i am
    looking to get an 8 inch tablet would you command this one or would u
    prefer the ipad mini ? which is better ? 

  3. Just read that T-Mobile’s getting the LTE variant of this AND IT INCLUDES
    VOICE CALLING! Thinking about getting rid of my Xperia Z Ultra for one of
    these monsters! I’ll hold it up to my ear all day long and not give two
    shits either!

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