Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

Comprehensive unboxing and feature walkthrough of the all-new 4th-generation Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 with a comparison to the Nexus 7 and camera samples at the end of the video.

Pricing and Availability:

CPU: 1.2 Ghz Quad Core
RAM: 1.5GB
Storage: 8GB + 32GB MicroSD
Display : 800 x 1280 pixels, 7.0 inches (~216 ppi pixel density)
Camera Main: 3.15MP FF 720p @ 30fps
Camera Secondary: 1.3MP VGA
Battery: 4,000 mAh

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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

  1. Awesome video again, Mike!

    Insanely in-deepth, just as I like it!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I’m really outdated. I have the Galaxy Tab 2. Good review, though.

  3. I love your vids I watched alot and you convinced me to get the lg gpad 8.3
    and I love it great vid

  4. Seriously, dosent samsung have any kind offantasy? Everything Apple does do
    they copy.. 

  5. You never explained multi user mode! Does that mean more users can use
    their separate accounts on the tab like pc’s do? I have iPad mini the
    original and no multi user mode on it pisses me off. Wish it allowed it. 

  6. Why does samsung release so many tablets? Like the Pro and then the regular

  7. Hi guys, a question: I need to use this tab as a laptop, i mean that i want
    to use basically to edit documents in word, power point, excel format.
    What app should i download to do that? Thanks for your answer, and sorry
    for my english.

  8. Lo que no entiendo una cosa de Samsung es por que los botones de
    Aplicaciones recientes (Los cuadritos), Inicio, y Boton de regreso los
    tienen de manera fisica y no en la misma pantalla como los demas
    fabricantes de Tablets

  9. ty soooo much for this vid- i have the sm-t235 of this which i use as my
    phone- processor is clocked higher & is an Exynos, but they excluded IR
    Blaster- Still an awesome device, not anywhere near as stripped down as the
    Tab 3 7 inch- that was junk…lol

    i did not know that holding the multitasking button down brings up the menu
    button in certain apps…i was going crazy trying to find Menu settings for
    my apps that didn’t have the 3 dots….i was like “whaaaaa?!” lol .ty!!
    Soon as i saw what u said, i tried it and BAM, there’s my “missing
    settings menu”! BTC

  10. One of the few things I like about Samsung Android products is that they
    have physical and capacitive buttons below the screen instead of in-screen
    buttons which reduce resolution and functionality.

  11. I just picked this up at staples for 79 bucks using their 100 dollar off
    coupon. Good review

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