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Lisa Gade compares the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 and the Apple iPad mini with Retina Display. Check out our video review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 at:
Read our written review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 here:
Check out our video review of the Apple iPad mini with Retina Display at:
Check out our written review of the Apple iPad mini with Retina Display at:




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25 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tablet

  1. The Galaxy Tab is 16:10, not 16:9. 16:9 would be 2560×1440. 

  2. 16:10 aspect, not 16:9. another boring apple product. just a little faster.

    tabpro 8.4 is killer. better aspect ratio for videos. it can run more than
    1 app at once. you can quintuple the storage on the tabpro for about $40.
    how much more is an ipad mini 64GB? $200? still not a total of 80GB of
    storage. does the ipad mini have true stereo speakers or a mono speaker
    with extra holes drilled? the overall experience is better with the tabpro.
    apple? yawn!

  3. if i want a “desktop” results i would buy a macbook air. End of story. You
    buy a tablet to make your life easier not less fun.

  4. iOS is better. The only reason I prefer android over iOS is because its
    customizable and has widgets and android devices usually have expandable
    storage. If iOS had expandable storage and was as customizable as android,
    I think android would be in deep shit because iOS has a lot more apps and
    games and usually run better on iOS devices. Till then (or forever, since I
    don’t see iOS doing any of what I just mentioned) I’ll stick with Android.

  5. I don’t understand why Samsung packed the tab pro 8.4 with snapdragon 800
    instead of snapdragon 801?!. Yeah there’s no big different between 800 and
    801, but 801 a bit faster than 800 especially with that higher screen

  6. Adore and apparatus design of Apple iPad and its applications Midjalna to
    go to him

  7. This bitch is just another Apple fan. She is biased. We all know the
    Samsung Tab pro beats that overrated Apple tablet. It really doesn’t take a
    genius to understand that.

  8. -entertaiment = ios better games , nice features ,simple , gaming device,
    less features restriction with simplicity meant for casual users

    -business= android better customization , file manager , micro computer
    more features no restrictions with unlimited customization some games
    meant for complex users 

  9. Don’t hate iOS couse they are expensive and u can’t buy them
    iOS is the best my family have iPhone 1 and it still working but non use it
    now but dad got an android device and within 2 month he through it away
    I got an android tablet and iPad mini 2 I’m not using tab 3 now it’s sucks
    I’m using my iPad and my iPhone we’ll I really enjoys iOS way more than
    android but it’s ur thoughts to love Samsung 

  10. Great review, Lisa! You told me everything i needed to know, clear and
    complete. I’m swingin’ with the iPad Mini. Keepin’ it simple. G’day, and

  11. why are you all hating on an ipad and the haters or going to hate but IPAD

  12. pls Lisa don’t make it that obvious that ur an Apple fan-girl

    – “Apple always has to be bigger”…. uuuh…Apple was the one who laughed
    about everything smaller then 9.7”.

    – “has to put more pixels in it in the fight with Apple”, really do you
    think that’s the reason? jeeezzz

    – “the prettiest tablets out there you can buy, no argument there. If you
    like IOS or not”.
    Let the viewer decide if it is nice looking or not. You cant possibly know
    what i like.

    Well i couldnt take more of it after 2.53 minutes and stopped watching.
    This can’t be your goal, is it?

    By the way: the tab pro 8.4 is €259,00 in Holland, the iPad mini retina
    €389,00 which make the Samsung even more desirable and I even don’t own a
    Samsung device 😉 

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