Galaxy Note 2

Samsung’s massive flagship is here! Thumbs up!

Samsung Galaxy Note II:

My Galaxy SIII Review:

My reaction to the original Galaxy Note:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5


25 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 2

  1. What service provider is a satisfactory mnthly price. ATT, or Verison? My
    family say Sprint has hidden fees and all. So im not messing with it. An i
    want good SERVICE.

  2. Oh my god it went so cheap right after the nexus 5 and the s5 came out!
    the price went from about 500 to 300 in canadian $

  3. Great Review. My wife and I are getting ready to make the upgrade to high
    tech phones. I currently use a no-tech flip phone, hers is a LG something
    or other with the QWERTY keyboard. I’ve been partial to Samsung products,
    but my son wants us to get iphones. He says they are so easy to use. My
    wife wants a phone with a large key pad for texting (says here fingers are
    too fat…my hands are bigger and I have no problem).

  4. A friend has this phone and while it looks colossal it makes up for easy
    use and battery life time. P.S: have large pockets.

  5. Is the Note 2 still a good phone for 2014? Thinking about getting the S4 or
    Note 2.

  6. is it still cool for me to buy a Note 2 in 2014, I love the size of this
    phone sooo much. I’d have preffered the s4 or s5 just cuz they’re latest
    but the size of the note 2 just kills me, love this phone,please help, how
    fast is it??

  7. Wait some days samsung company starts to manufacture jeans pants with big
    very big pockets. For his phone

  8. Can someone help me my note 2 volume automatic changes its not any case or

  9. That is right! Consumers buy any tablet because of the phones features, and
    do not focus on specs / processors, battery longevity or bloatware.

  10. i just bought one of these… soooo im super glad to hear you liked it, and
    now obviously love it! haha

  11. it wobbles from side to side because of the speaker below on the back. it
    pops out about a cm

  12. Hey Bro please help me, my note 2 drains battery superfast and gets really
    heated up when I play games on it :'( help please help :'(:'(

  13. Your reviews are very useful. Thanks so much for them. I now have a Galaxy
    2 Note and of course I appreciate your opinion a great deal! You definitely
    made my comfort level far greater with your reviews.

  14. I lost my phone, and needed something fast and fairly big for work. I
    grabbed a pre-owned Note 2, and immediately regretted it, (which i think,
    was it extra large size), but – once I started using it….. wow, is it
    awesome or what???
    I love the thing!
    Forget about “keeping up appearances” It’s 2014, but so what. Honestly –
    get a Note 2 😉 

  15. I would appreciate if u share a link from where I can buy android mascot
    which is shown in the video…. Thnx

  16. Cool review! How can sign in on youtube account with my usual youtube user
    name? Not mails addresses in this phone.

  17. I absolutely love my Note 2. I’ve had it for a year now and it still holds
    charge. Unplugged it at 88% and it lasted me almost 3 whole days. I love
    the screen size too, great for watching videos!

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