Galaxy Note 10.1

GALAXY Note 10.1 is outfitted with the functionality and precision of a pen and paper on a 10.1-inch-large-display, providing endless possibilities to elevate a user’s creativity and productivity.

Featuring an intuitive user experience and armed with superior hardware performance, GALAXY Note 10.1 is designed to simplify idea capturing, information access, and multi-tasking, making each easier and faster.

25 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 10.1

  1. How long does this take to charge ? My Mum’s is taking 15 hours and she’d
    like to know if this is normal.

  2. so this tablet is so bad, that they made flash animation about it, instead
    of video recorded in real time?

  3. I have the tablet, i love it… but i barely use the pen … they made it
    look so usefull .. thats not true… its nice when i draw but its super
    uncomfortable to think its as useful as a real pen and note , or a compuer
    mouse. its just nice nothing more.
    the tablet like i said is great regardless.

  4. Well, if only it worked so fast and smooth in real life (: Tablet stutters
    quite alot, especially while multitasking and small lags are always there,
    which definatively takes away from the whole experience.

  5. Most of these reviews and ads on youtube are completely misleading. I got
    one a month ago and here is a short review. Advantages: Good display,
    S-pen. Disadvantages: poor performance (LAGS!!!), poor wifi performance
    (just search “authentication error occurred” with any samsung product on
    google, you will see what I mean), takes long time to charge battery and
    full of bloatware!!! 

  6. I have to get one. It’s so wondeful. I have just gone to the store to buy
    a galaxy note 10.1 with my friend and I really love it.

  7. i get this new Samsung galaxy tablet last yr, how do I download flash
    player it won’t work on the chat line 

  8. The best purchase that I’ve ever done in my whole life!!
    Congratulations Samsung!

  9. The tablet was a gift for my granddaughter and she is pleased with her gift. Would purchase another one if the need arrive.

  10. Why is the s-note interface different from note-pro? It seems like this has

  11. The older 10.1 s note app is so much more usefull
    It is a shame that samsung removed the shape and formula recognition the
    way it was.
    It worked much better and the results were clearer and faster.
    Also the free writing and text converting was nice although you can still
    use the keyboard to handwrite to text


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