Tips On Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

Traveling by air can become a little difficult if you have a limited budget. But that does not mean you should cancel the trip or choose some other means of transport. If planned effectively, it is possible to book cheap flight tickets and embark on the journey. Discussed below are few of the tips on booking cheap flight tickets which will definitely help you to save money.

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Search sites: Take out some time and dig various web sites offering low price tickets. It will require time and efforts but that is worth spending if you want to save money. However, one must refrain from visiting shady web sites.

Airfare Aggregators: Aggregators like Yahoo Travel, Kayak etc search multiple sites for you and return the list of cheap airline tickets. But they return a slightly different result so it is better to cross check the result.

Buy early: Booking tickets late can cost your pocket dearly. Prices get high during the peak season and if you delay buying, you might be in for a heavy loss. Make sure you buy before the deadline which generally starts from 21 days before flying. In case you are flying internationally, you must book much earlier.

Browse Around: Never buy from the first site you find offering reasonable prices. Instead, browse further and look for more better options. You are likely to find some. Keep a close look at the offers provided by airlines. If there is one for your destination, grab it.

Compare Prices: It is a good idea to check the fares at all the airports near your place. Experiment with the travel date as shifting it can hep you get a cheap deal. One can find best deals on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Ask for Refund: In case the fares go down after you have purchased your tickets, do not hesitate to ask for the refund. Though you may not get one always, but it does not do any harm if you ask for one. Sometimes airlines do not publicize the fact they offer refund.

Air Pass: Many airlines provide Air Pass at reduced prices in order to promote tourism in their respective countries. If you are on for a traveling spree, an Air Price can prove to be cost-effective.

Discounts: Do check out various travel deals which offer good discounts. Many airlines offer them so all you need to do is search for a good one.

Discount Search Engines: There are many discount search engines like Cheaptickets, Orbitz and Piceline which offer discounts. They charge a small fee for booking.