Best Carpet Cleaning Service in NorCal

Have you had your carpets or upholstery recently professionally cleaned?

Whether you need restorative cleaning or stain getting rid of, we are able to handle it! Manufacturers recommend and prefer the “Hot Water Extraction” method, generally known as steam cleaning, to properly clean carpet and upholstery. Unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner, which only touches the surface, steam cleaning utilizes warm water to eliminate embedded dirt that is trapped deep in your carpets fibers. Proper steam cleaning requirements carpet wand, connected by hoses to our specialized truck-mounted machines (explained below). The wand has several jets that inject hot steam at high pressure to loosen hidden dirt, developing to powerful suction that extracts the loose dirt. The vital key to our success in offering you freshly cleaned carpet is our top-quality equipment, high-grade products and experienced technicians. Contact the guys at Roseville Carpet Cleaning Pros today!

As time passes, an accumulation of allergens, odors and stains will increase in your home. Most manufacturers recommend having carpets steam cleaned at the least once the year. We understand your annual carpet cleaning is arising (or long overdue) and we are here to help. Let one of our expertly trained and certified and experienced carpet cleaning service technicians maintain your stains today!

Red Stain Carpet Cleaning Removal Process

We all know life happens and that includes spilled drinks. Whether or not it’s spilled children’s fruit drinks, red wine or tomato juice. most red-colored liquids will be the “kiss of death” for carpets. We’re here to give you that carpet to life! With our Red-Out Removal treatment we can easily and successfully remove red stains attributable to common household beverages.

Our Red-Out Removal is a step-by-step process that requires time, energy and patience. The red stained area must be steam cleaned, previous to the removal, to figure out if the process is necessary. The primary treated area is “pretested” to figure out in case the red-colored stain could be effectively removed. If so, through an operation involving heat, both time and our specialized product we will remove those eye-bothering stains.

Most of the time the Red-Out Removal is rather effective in getting rid of red-colored stains. However, you will find rare circumstances in which the stain becomes discolored and can’t be completely removed. This may be resulting from synthetic dyes, comparable to fruit juice, verses organic dyes, corresponding to wine. That is why we “pretest” the first treated area. If you’ve any queries or concerns, you are very welcome to make contact with us regarding your particular situation.

Remove Odors with Our Pet Treatment Service

We love all kinds of pets and can relate to our pet-loving customers. Whether or not your pet is potty-training or just growing older, we know how challenging it can be to keep an home clean. So, we offer a specialized pet treatment package designed to remove light to medium duty pet odor and urine stains. The pet treatment package works by targeting odor and stains on the carpet fibers.

During the carpet cleaning professionals process, we spray an enzyme-based product which safely removes urine and feces stains by bacterial digestion. The answer saturates the rug and once more your floor has dried, the reaction is finished and to discover the bacteria dies. This natural process may take up to 1 day to completely remove stains and odors. This unique product needs to be used after a traditional steam cleaning because the enzymes need an important element to operate – water. Water is supplied through normal steam cleaning. Without having the even distribution of water, the enzymes cannot effectively catalyze the bacteria associated with pet odors and stains.

Unfortunately, the pet treatment package does not always work. Challenging and old urine stains can permanently set into and under the carpet because of urines’ acidic nature. The pet treatment package works by targeting odor and stains on the rug fibers. It cannot reach the backing, padding or sub-floor which sometimes retain pet odors.

The Carpet Cleaning Co. only uses the perfect equipment available – truck-mounted steam cleaning systems. Our truck-mounted machines are created to maximize the steam cleaning process. Through an elaboration of very high pressure (600 psi), steam water (220-265oF), powerful vacuum and very high-grade products, we is able to do a deep, powerful cleaning on your carpet and upholstery. Advanced truck-mounted machines allow steam cleaners to extract more dirt and dirt through higher temperatures and pressurized steam. Simply what does that mean? Better results for you. Our steam cleaning process perfect for our clients since it leaves you on cleaner carpets/upholstery and a quicker drying time. Many carpet cleaners use unreliable and poor-performing mobile cleaning machines that must be brought inside of home. These portable machines require water hook-ups and electricity to wash and can emit exhaust and humidity throughout living areas. We believe you deserve the highest quality work through safe measures.